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Patient: 72 year old male


Patient reported loose tooth, bad breath, bleeding gingivae, swollen painful gums. Examination revealed a severe case of aggressive periodontitis with deep periodontal pockets as a result of the alveolar bone destruction associated with the increased number of tooth loss.



Phase I: Dental Cleaning:

Started with a deep oral cleaning – scaling and root planning- to remove tartar and plaque from tooth surfaces.  Followed by regenerative periodontal surgery to remove bacteria and regenerating bone and tissue to reduce pocket depth and repair damage caused by the progression of periodontal disease.  

9 extractions of damaged and fractured teeth 

6 temporary implants: 4 Upper and 2 Lower


Phase II: Cosmetic Dentistry

Remove the temporary restorations and perform a tissue examination to ensure bone and gum tissue have healed properly and can support dental implants. Dental impressions are taken to calculate the exact place where the dental implants will be positioned in the gums.  

Upper Arch:

  • 5 units over posts

  • 3 units over implants

  • 2 crowns over implants 

  • 3 crowns over posts

  • Lower Arch

  • 6 units over posts

  • 3 units over posts

  • 2 crowns over posts

  • 2 crowns over implants

All the dental pieces were made of zirconium for high aesthetics, maximum durability and performance. 



Fantastic clinical results that improved patient’s oral health and cosmetic dentistry. Patient reported feeling better overall due to improved chewing ability and speech; feeling younger after restoring his facial appearance with dental implants and overall improved self-esteem. 


“I never thought that fixing my teeth would change my life so much. I am no longer embarrassed about eating, laughing and enjoying social events with my friends and family. The only thing I wish, is that I had done this earlier. Dr. Corrales and his staff are wonderful - they took care of me and my wife in every step of the way. We now recommend Dr. Corrales to all of our friends.”

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