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Scott Littler • Florida
All in 5 + Crowns
Second stage
Keisha Washington • New York, NY
Michael Twitty • Nashville, TN
All in 5 + Crowns
Gilda Roveta • Miami, FL
All in 5 + Crowns
Chris Wilcox• Louisiana
All in 5
Timothy Mark Wendt • New Smyrna Beach, FL
Implants + cavities
Gabriel Diaz • Austin, TX
Crowns + Bridges
Patrick Close • Florida
All in 5 Upper
Ricky Stevens• Delaware
All in 4 Upper
Christopher Thomas Owen • Kentucky
All in 4 Upper&Lower
Donald Allen McNeely• Georgetown, TX
All on 6
Reverend Joe Piccolo• Napa Valley, CA
Crowns + Bridges
March• Arizona
Crowns + Bridges
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