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Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Why Travel to Costa Rica for Dentistry Services?

Travel to Costa Rica for your dental needs has many advantages.  With beautiful and diverse scenery, temperate climate, and high quality dental services, Costa Rica provides a unique opportunity to improve your health and enjoy yourself.  This is why Costa Rica is a leader in both eco-tourism and medical/dental tourism.


Each year a growing number of tourists visit Costa Rica to receive medical and dental services.  Healthcare vacations at a time of increasing healthcare costs in the United States, Canada and Europe have become increasingly common.


The last decade has seen exponential growth in all areas of the health tourism sector in Costa Rica. The country’s excellent reputation is directly linked to the professionalism of its internationally-trained doctors and dentists and cost-effective procedures.


Some of the benefits of receiving your dental treatments in Costa Rica are:



Particularly for patients arriving from the United States and Canada, travel is simple and relatively short.  There are numerous non-stop flights to San Jose, Costa Rica from numerous cities such as:  Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Houston, Atlanta, and Miami.


The variety of nonstop flights allow travel to Costa Rica from the United States and Canada to typically take no more than 4 to 7 hours.  Moreover, for United States and Canadian citizens who have passports valid for 6 months, they do not need a visa to enter Costa Rica for stay of less than three months.  At Dental Land, we have employee professionals that are fluent in English, as well as Spanish as part of our planning to meet our patients’ needs.


Quality of Dental Work.

Dental Land employs dentists that have training in both the United States and Costa Rica.  These certifications and trainings from United States universities provides reinforcement and keeps our clinic on the leading edge for the latest techniques and refinements.  At Dental Land, for example, we have provided services to patients from numerous countries such as the United States, Canada, Spain and Brazil, Germany and many others.  Our Dentist count with a large number international memberships and affiliations with international dental institutions including the American Dental Association.


You will see the same modern equipment in our dental clinic that you will see in the United States, Canada and Western Europe. State of the art equipment creating state of the art restoration pieces in a state of the art facility.


The modern nature of Costa Rican medical professionals in general is exemplified by results.  Costa Rica’s average life expectancy is 79.7, approximately one year longer than in the United States.


Cost and Value.

We believe that in Costa Rica generally, and Dental Land in particular, patients will receive an excellent value.  Dental Land’s patient testimonials speak to the excellent quality of service.  Couple this quality with the lower pricing as compared to the United States, Canada, and Europe, and the result is a superior treatment value.



Although there are definite advantages to having dental treatments as part of a healthcare vacation to Costa Rica, it is important that the patient is prepared.  Travelling to a foreign contrary always requires some additional preparation and expense that would not be needed in case of a local dental procedure. These range from the obvious, need for a passport, airline and hotel reservations, to the more subtle, being in a different culture. 


Fortunately, the growth in all forms of tourism in Costa Rica has lowered many of the challenges.  Spanish is the primary language in Costa Rica, but English is widely taught and spoken especially in the hospitality industry.


Dental Land patient coordinators are also available to provide assistance as you negotiate your travel and tourist experiences.



Costa Rica is Exquisite.

Costa Rica lives the moto “Pura Vida”, i.e. full of life, in many ways.  It has the lowest crime rate in Latin America, and Costa Ricans are particularly hospitable and friendly. It has a broad array of vacation opportunities:  beautiful features, cloud forests, some of the top bird watching in the world, and much more.


To prove this point, other may provide professional pictures highlighting a country’s best features.  We provide a below a sample of pictures taken by our patients during their vacations.  These pictures show the real Costa Rica as seen by our own dental tourists.

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