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  • Are Dental Implants Safe?
    Dental Implants are considered one of the safest and most predictable procedures in dentistry. At Dental Land, we utilize dental implants made of the best quality materials such as ceramic and zirconia. These are biocompatible materials that are accepted by our body. The natural bone locks the implant into place through osseointegration (fusing or attaching itself) giving your teeth the stability and strength to support replacement teeth, and function like regular teeth. Additionally, dental implants are the only restoration method that stimulates the health of your natural bone.
  • What are options for replacing missing teeth?
    From implants to permanent bridges, you have several options to replace missing teeth, and blend them with your natural teeth. Using advanced materials and tooth-color matching techniques, the staff at Dental Land can recommend the appropriate method for optimal function and esthetics.
  • What are All-on-4?
    All-on-4 dental implants is one of the most recommended ways to replace missing teeth or dentures using modern technology and materials. They are perfect for patients that have dentures or are missing many of their natural teeth. All-on-4 dental implants can support a whole arch of teeth using only four implants. This can be used on either the upper or lower jaw and immediately replaces missing teeth which not only look and feel similar to your natural teeth, but function normally also. All-on-4 consists of four implants inserted into each jaw. These implants act as a foundation for a bridge. A fixed set of teeth, which will look like your natural teeth, can then be added to the implants replacing your teeth. Implants are available in many shades so they can match your natural teeth. All-on-4 dental implants do not require bone grafting and simply require four implants that can support the entire arch of dental restorations. Traditional dental implants may require up to eight single implants to support an entire arch of dental restorations. All-on-4 dental implants only use four implants in total because the two posterior implants are tilted at an angle that allows for longer implant posts. These implants offer the same durability and support of traditional implants but with a faster treatment time. Surgery is much quicker as most patients are able to have the replacement teeth added the same day as their implant surgery while maintaining regular eating and chewing functions, rather than waiting weeks between surgeries. To find out if All-on-4 Dental Implants are right for you, request a free consultation.
  • What are Dental Bridges?
    The replacement of a missing teeth offers several challenges to both the patient and professional. The goal is to create an ideal result that harmonizes within the framework of the natural dentition. This prosthesis is known as a fixed partial denture or bridge. Cleaning maintenance, selection of material, shape of pontic (false tooth) are all key factors in ensuring a desired result. Options typically include accomplishing this bridge with natural teeth or implants. The experts at Dental Land will guide you through the decision process to guarantee your complete satisfaction as well as respect your budget and other requests.
  • How can a Dental Bridge improves my speech?
    It can be difficult to speak clearly when teeth are missing. Wearing a dental bridge with the anterior teeth in their proper relationship will help you speak clearly and properly. It will also make eating easier.
  • What is the overall process to assesing treatment?
    Synergy between esthetics and function, proper assessment to develop the right diagnosis, dimensional equilibrium between upper and lower jaws including not only teeth but muscle, condyle, and disk (articulation) are the major factors in restoring natural teeth to their once essential role in oral health. Dental Land puts this knowledge into practice. A comprehensive examination and evaluation are accomplished by the prosthodontist, periodontist, endodontist, oral surgeon, and laboratory technician. The our restorative team accomplishes comprehensive restorative dentistry with both success and predictability. At Dental Land our philosophy and process of communication allows our specialists, staff and laboratory to achieve ultimate success. Our patients comfort and happiness are our most important objectives. At Dental Land the patient is treated not the tooth.
  • What are Veneers?
    Veneers or porcelain laminate (a thin, bonded ceramic restoration that restores the facial, incisal, and part of the proximal surfaces of teeth) facing may be an option if you are not happy with the position, color, or shape of your teeth. After a minimal preparation of your teeth, the prosthodontist at Dental Land bonds a thin layered porcelain restoration permanently to the front of your tooth or teeth. Veneers may be used to correct minor flaws of individual teeth, but can be used on multiple teeth to create a uniform ideal smile. What is the ideal smile? What should I look like? Who are the experts? Dental Land wants you to recapture your smile by presenting your teeth in a proper position with Porcelain laminate veneers. Are veneers right for you? During normal aging tooth structures weaken, teeth darken due to loss of enamel, grinding. Bruxism may have been experienced destroying incisal edges making thetooth becomes sensitive. Porcelain Laminate Veneers provide a natural and esthetic solution. Treatment planning of provisional restorations, to the capture of that beautiful smile is the objective and goal of Dental Land’s specialized staff. Advances in dental materials and preparation have enabled porcelain laminate veneers to evolve into the treatment of choice for minimally invasive esthetic dentistry. The practitioner who follows a logical and systematic methodology in approaching cosmetics leads to a predictable final result. Various predetermining factors, such as tooth position, alignment, and occlusion material, influences important treatment planning. Dental Land does no on being“a dental spa or a juice bar”. Our focus is knowing what and how to designe and provide your treatment with compassion and caring. Our focus is the patient. Our professionalism and skill is dramatically shown in the results and many appreciative patients.
  • 1. How do I take care of my new veneers?
    Take good care about your new smile. There are steps you can take to extend the life of your dental veneers. The first step is to brush and floss regularly to remove food particles that may compromise the health of your teeth and durability of the veneers. You should use non-abrasive toothpaste avoid unnecessary wearing of the veneers. A toothbrush with soft bristles is generally recommended for cleaning your veneers. Similarly, nonabrasive toothpastes are advised. For porcelain veneers, sharp impacts can damage the veneer. A mouth guard may be an option to protect your veneers when engaging in sporting activities.
  • What can I do about tooth stains?
    Tooth stains may occur internally within the tooth structure or as external, surface stains. Tooth stains may be caused by problems with the formation of the tooth enamel, problems within the tooth or by simple stains from food, beverages, or habits. Certain medications or chemicals taken by women during pregnancy or by a very young child can interfere with the development of tooth enamel and result in the tooth becoming stained with gray bands, mottling, or pitting. Tooth stains may also be caused by a tooth that is chronically infected or necrotic with the tooth developing a uniform grayish hue. Here the infection must be treated first and then the discoloration may be corrected by bleaching or a restoration.
  • Is Tooth Whitening safe and effective?
    Tooth whitening lightens discolored enamel and dentin. Studies have shown that proper use of dentist monitored, whitening systems can enhance your smile. Almost everyone benefits from this procedure. After a thorough examination and diagnosis, the well-trained staff at Dental Land will determine if you are a good candidate for whitening and which system.
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