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Costa Rica, a Preferred Destination for Dental Tourism

It's no secret that Costa Rica is a preferred destination for dental patients from North America and Europe. Many satisfied patients and their families travel to Costa Rica for procedures such as dental implants, general dentistry, oral surgery and cosmetic procedures.

Dental Tourism Costa Rica

Among well travelled North Americans and Europeans, Costa Rica is known as the country that offers one of the highest quality of dental care at an incredibly low cost. Many of our patients at Dental Land, are fascinated by the level of professionalism of Dr. Corrales and our staff. Our in-house laboratory is one of the greatest benefits. Our highly skilled dental technicians work closely with the Doctor to create magnificent dental pieces that are not only fully functional and comfortable, but also look and feel natural.

Our International Patient Coordinator works hand in hand with our patients to make sure their visit to our clinic and their Costa Rica experience is truly fantastic. Our patients get to enjoy the wonders of Costa Rica by visiting and touring around the country while they restore their smile.

"Seeing our patients smile again and feeling confident is most rewarding. It's almost as if they can't believe that their mouth would be restored and feel perfectly normal again". - Dr. Corrales mentioned.

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