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Dental Restorations - A Work of Art

Another example of the amazing results of a Dental Restoration

Click on the link below and watch the video:

At Dental Land, our in-house dental laboratory fabricates the most durable and beautiful dental pieces. This offers a great advantage to our patients as we provide quality pieces made from the highest quality materials available in the dental industry.


At Dental Land we manufacture dental devices from highly trusted brands that offer the most advanced technology and combine power and flexibility.

  • Our scanners offer high accuracy and are highly recognized for their reliability. ​

  • Our Milling Machine offers incredible precision. A 5-Axis simultaneous operation uses a sturdy and efficient system with capabilities of mixing complex restorations. The result is clean and incredibly accurate work.​

  • Our exceptional sintering furnace for zirconia, its cutting-edge heating elements enable firing temperatures up to 1600˚C, designed to endure intensive everyday use and have a long service life. Most important of all, it produces beautiful and accurately fitting restorations quickly.​

  • Our high-quality press with firing results and the most advance heating system ensures homogeneous heat distribution in the firing chamber. As a result, we achieve even higher quality results and restorations are optimally protected.

Additionally, every piece is fully inspected and hand detailed by a highly skilled technician. We fabricate superior durable products with an artisan natural look.

Request a free no-obligation consultation and take the first step to dramatically improving your life and regaining your smile. Request Info Here

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