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Teeth care during the holidays

5 Tips for Healthy Smiles

#1 Don’t use your teeth as a tool

The holidays are full of presents and presents come in packages. Keep scissors handy and do not use your teeth to open packages and presents. You may be tempted to break open or cut with your teeth. Don’t do it! Using your teeth as a tool can cause chips and breaks.

#2 Hard candy and candy canes

Hard candy is tasty and for many a must during the holiday season. Candy canes and hard candy such as peppermints can crack your teeth if you bite down incorrectly. Instead of biting, let candies dissolve in your mouth to prevent teeth damage such as chipping. Be sure to brush thoroughly after eating candy of any kind.

#3 Stay clear of soda and sugary drinks

Holiday parties are rife with soda and other sugary drinks. Instead of reaching for soda, try fizzy water instead. If soda is a must for you, consider using a straw to keep most of the acid off your teeth and drink water often.

#4 Stock your stockings well

Christmas stockings are often full of sugary treats that can cause cavities. Include other fun stuff in your stockings such as games, sugar free gum, and toothbrushes as part of their holiday loot.

#5 Brush, Brush and Brush

Optimal tooth brushing last about two minutes so if you hum a few verses and choruses of your favorite holiday song while you brush, you’ll likely brush long enough to clean up your teeth and gums (be sure to brush your tongue too).

Share the joy of a cavity free holiday by sharing this important tips with your friends and family.

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