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What causes receding gums?

The first sign of receding gums can be increased tooth sensitivity.

What are receding gums?

Receding gums is when your gums draw back from your teeth, exposing the root beneath. Although receding gums can be considered a common dental problem, gum recession can be a sign of serious gum disease and should not be ignored.

What are the causes of receding gum?

Receding gums can be caused by a number of factors such as, brushing too hard, poor oral health, smoking, and even aging can cause gums to recede.

Poor oral health

Poor oral health can cause gingivitis, and when the gums become inflamed due to bacteria, and can eventually begin to recede. If the cause of receding gums is not identified, and it is allowed to continue, gum recession can lead to serious oral health problems as the gum may start to come away from the tooth, and allow for more plaque to build up. Over time, gums continue to recede and teeth can become loose.

Heal your gums

Once gums start to recede, they do not grow back however there are ways that you can help them heal. If you notice you gums receding, contact your dentist immediately and get treatment right away.

The best way to prevent oral problems is to keep good habits in regards to your oral health.

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