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Dental Care and Wellness

When we talk to our patients about Dental Care, the conversation inevitably leads to the importance of wellness. Recently, one our patients asked: What does Wellness really means? Wellness can be defined by a state of balance, peace and love for in our emotional and physical body.

It is known that gum disease and cavities can cause heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, respiratory infections, cancer and many other chronic illnesses. Keeping a healthy balanced body is vital to good dental health and vice versa.

While perfect wellness is almost impossible to maintain, there are little things that you can do to find genuine balance and improve your dental care and overall health in the pursuit of a happy healthy lifestyle.

1. Eat healthy

Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and eat less carbohydrates, unhealthy fat or food high in sodium. Avoid junk food and sweets. It's hard but YOU can do it!

2. Exercise

Exercising is good for your physical body but also for mental health. Stress and anxiety can be reduced with regular exercise. Any exercise is better than no exercise, walking, dancing and moving around the house doing chores counts.

3. Socialize

Enjoy time with the people you love. Take time to surround yourself with friends and family you care about, people who uplift and motivate you. People that make you laugh and relax are best for your health.

4. Set goals and plans

Setting goals, even small ones, gives you purpose and direction. You will feel more in control, motivated and self-confidence. Monthly goals such as "Have coffee with my friends" or "Walk 15 minutes a day", are reasonable, realistic and just overall great.

5. Get good sleep and rest

Sleep quality is crucial for optimizing brain function, mood and cravings. Cognitive activities like making decisions, focusing on complex tasks, and using judgement are significantly improved by a full night sleep and good rest.

Your health and overall wellness is important. Make it a priority to take care of yourself, you can enjoy life and take good care of your loved ones. You got this!

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