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6 Tips to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus Scams

During this time of Covid-19 concerns, scammers and thieves seize the opportunity to prey on consumers. Thieves utilize the scams to personally benefit by stealing money and steal personal identity information. The F.C.C. has received reports of scam calls and text messaging, impersonating the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. These calls “notify” consumers of a mandatory “2-week quarantine” urging consumers to stock on supplies.

Reports indicate that this false information has been circulating via robocalls, emails, text messages and popular apps like “NextDoor”.

Protect Yourself from Coronavirus Scams

It is vital to remain vigilant about telephone calls, emails or websites that request personal information or banking information. Reported scam calls include:

  • Offers for free Coronavirus home-testing kits

  • Selling false Covid-19 prevention drugs and treatments

  • Bogus health insurance

  • Student loan waivers

  • IRS tax returns (consumers are asked to confirm their personal information such as SS#, bank information)

To help consumers protect themselves against scammers, the FCC has offered the following tips:

  • Do not respond to calls or texts from unknown numbers, or any others that appear suspicious.

  • Never share your personal or financial information via email, text messages, or over the phone.

  • Be cautious if you’re being pressured to share any information or make a payment immediately.

  • Scammers often spoof phone numbers to trick you into answering or responding. Remember that government agencies will never call you to ask for personal information or money.

  • Do not click any links in a text message. If a friend sends you a text with a suspicious link that seems out of character, call them to make sure they weren't hacked.

  • Always check on a charity (for example, by calling or looking at its actual website) before donating.

Listen to Coronavirus Scam Audio samples here:

It is important to protect ourselves not only from Covid-19 but also from financial fraud. Help us generate awareness by sharing this information with your friends and family. For more information, visit the Federal Communications Commission Website.

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